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ARCurriculum is an exciting new way to learn.  Lessons are brought to life with AR models, so students can fully engage with the material.  All customers of augmented reality classroom kits or virtual reality classroom kits receive 1 year access to all lessons.  This is a great tool for using augmented and virtual reality in the classroom.

Benefits of Virtual Reality Classroom Kits and Augmented Reality Classroom Kits

View object in real life

All-in-one package with free lessons

Create your own VR tours

Travel to foreign locations with

Increase student learning

Increase student engagement


1 Year Warranty

 All of our products come with a one-year manufacturers warranty. 



 We provide free, Common Core and State Standard aligned, lesson packages with all of our hardware purchase. 




Free Professional Development and staff training are provided with all hardware purchases.

Suitable for

Elementary to University

 Our products are specifically chosen by our education experts to be suitable at all ages and levels.


“My students love our augmented and virtual reality kit from Aquila Education. I've never seen them so excited to learn.  ”

Michelle, Texas

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