Google Expeditions kits


This is for New York State teachers who would like to recieve 20 CTLE credit hours for completion of the CoSpaces Edu: Creating Virtual Worlds Course.


Before paying, please be sure that you have completed all requirements:

  • Viewed all course materials
  • Completed and submitted the assignment for each module
  • Responded to all discussion prompts
  • Complete this form


CoSpaces Edu is a great program that can be used in all classes and grade levels to encourage students and teachers to be more innovative and creative in the classroom.  By using the program in your classroom, students will not only be learning and having the content reinforced, but they will also be able to express themselves, demonstrate their understanding of the subject and teach others the material.   In this course, you will learn exactly how you can use CoSpaces Edu in your classroom, and interact with other teachers throughout the world who are also using CoSpaces Edu in their classroom.

CTLE Credit for CoSpaces: Creating Virtual Worlds