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Tired of scouring the internet to find a lesson? With over 100 lessons available, and new ones being added daily, we guarantee that you'll find something you need.


We currently have three augmented reality e-books available, with more in production.  Get access to the e-book versions for free, which you can print and use in the classroom.


  • Human Anatomy (Middle/High School)

  • World Landmarks (All ages)

  • Robin Helps (Elementary storybook)

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ARCards & Infographics

Want to incorporate augmented reality, but do not want an entire lesson? Just looking for something fun? Our AR Cards and infographics are a great resource.  From augmented reality animals to the solar system, our printable PDFs give you a quick and easy access to augmented reality.


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Professional Development

As former teachers and certified professional development providers (CTLE), we believe it is important to help other teachers grow as well.  That is why we include unlimited access to our professional development online courses. 

From mini courses of 1-2 hours, to full 24 hours courses, you are guaranteed to learn something new!

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